The Caretakers of Tradition is a Colorado nonprofit, 501-c3 whose members are past firefighters with the Berthoud Fire Protection District. Our mission is to preserve the history of the community volunteer fire and rescue services and to exhibit these historical items for educational purposes. The two major components of our preservation efforts are the 1888 firefighting hose cart, that was assigned to the Berthoud Hose Company No.1 in 1889 and the 1927 GMC fire truck, the first motorized apparatus purchase by the Town of Berthoud. Our nonprofit has recently invested over $20,000.00 and more than 400 volunteer hours in the restoration efforts of these historic pieces. 

With your help, our next project involves a community fundraising effort designed to fund an addition to the southeast corner of Fire Station One that will allow us to display these objects to the public. It is our belief that these unique, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable pieces are valuable educational tools that represent the advancement of community fire protection, as well as an example of the true dedication of the pioneer Berthoud firefighters that were willing to volunteer to protect the lives and property of the early Berthoud citizens. 

If you agree that this community project is essential to the preservation of our history, please join us and encourage your friends and neighbors to join as well. The campaign to fund this construction project is estimated to be approximately $200,000.00. Donations are not only tax deductible, but also contributors will be recognized on our planned “Wall of Flame” in the new exhibit area.